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See The Wisdom Idea by Imran.

Here at YieldMore, we have piloted the first 2 programs of Immersive Education viz. Music Led Discussion and Creative Expression. It demands of the Teacher to raise themselves above the mundane and deliver classroom and group experiences with passion.

All 7 of our programmes think of the emotional, social and spiritual bonding of our Children's Lives and is a compelling call to do different from the conventional subject-based education.

I must thank Mrs Vidya Shankar for letting me into the lives of her adolescents at Cascade Montessori in 2021 and 2022 and Nirupama for being our first facilitator, a spiritualist and proponent of new age education, an article she wrote for YM in 2022.

Are we bonded well enough to our children? Are they bonded (not bounded) with the worlds within and without? Have they entered into universal existence, at once with the cosmos and the Spirit of the Earth?

Do they dream of one day helping solve the riddle of this world? Being part of a good generation that knows no bounds or boundaries, that will help us redeem our lives in the eyes of our maker?

Are we preparing them really to cross the finish line some 50 years from now, in a world of uncertainities.

The programs to be mined now are as below. We are at a stage where we are still developing plans to execute in schools, parent led groups and downloadable lesson plan resources.

1. Music Led Discussion - 6+

2. Creative Expression - 6+

3. Upskill and Balance with Mentors - 10+

4. Social Awareness through Project ARYA - 10+

5. Physical Education And Team Spirit - 8+

6. Emotional Wellness and Healing Capabilities through Project Serenity - 15+

7. Liberating Spirituality for Youngsters - 18+