"Evolving Sunlight"

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A series of consultings given to set team leaders within or across companies, we bandy about the mantra.

Hire Attitude not Talent and Train to Think as One, not in Isolation.

Org Ex


In your favourite documentation tool (Google Drive / MS Office 365) or managed in Windows.

Think of yourself in the roles.

Think of transparency / candour and of the Arbinger Pyramid.

Digital Transformation


Requires a mindset change with each member thinking, for everyone else of the

Tech Leadership

Very strong in this regard, Imran has built and enhanced teams, always bent on underscoring the philosophy of craftsmanship.

His experiences will be here soon.

Workplace Diaries

Experiences of Imran's friends will be here soon.

Passion and Continuous Learning

A documentation project can be begun which all staff refer to and contribute to frequently.

Growth and Healing Space / Outreach

First foreseen as JoyLand or YM in Physical Spaces, GHS can power their team members help each other, bring their families into the office space within set limits and begin a real Community Outreach (CSR) Programme.

Talent Portal

Foreseen in Aug 2021, this can have tailor made video invitations to applicants for key roles and showcase talents in various teams, all with sanction of the HR Staff.

Soulful Moonlight

Taking our Corporate Learnings and Skills to NGOs and Charities.

In 2021, we were developing the first "Gearing Up" workshop on the YM Archives Site.